A Brand New Excitement, Pyongyang Chrismas Tour

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In most of the countries, travelers can visit North Korea if they want.

Only South Koreans are those that are restricted for it.

There are many travel agencies in various countries dealing in North Korea tour without certain restrictions.

Among them are special North Korea tour packages focused on North Korea's own interesting traits.

As South Koreans, banned from the 'very' travel to the North, we would like to introduce some of North Korea tour packages to ease our frustration.


Following up the previous article, today we'd like to introduce Special Christmas Tour Package to North Korea.

Though it may sound pretty awkward, we're sure you'd be absorbed in.

Here's a Christmas Tour from YPT(Young Pioneer Tours) starting this one-of-a-kind tour for the first time in the history.

If you take a look at the YPT Website, you'll find a hallucinating message to you:

"Looking for a special place to have your own Christmas? Want to tell a special Christmas story to your loving ones? Here it is! Join our world-first Christmas tour to North Korea! we are sure you'd be having one of the unforgettable Holiday in the center of Pyongyang through your lifetime."

We have extracted the details of the tour through our interview with Rowan Beard from YPT.

Q: There are not many Christians in North Korea. So we wonder if there are any particular events for Christmas time?

A: No, there aren't.

Actually, if you skim through the tour courses, the places are quite far from 'the' Holiday.

You're going to the Kim Il Sung Sqaure, Museum of the Day of the Victory of the Great Fatherland and Pyongyang Metro.

평양 지하철은 거대한 미술관 같습니다. 평양 지하철에 있는 모자이크 벽화. ⓒDPRK360

The Metro in Pyongyang is like a grand Art Museum. A Mural Art in Pyongyang Metro. ⓒDPRK360

Then why 'Special Christmas' in Pyongyang?

You know, there are people apart from their families or their sweethearts during Christmas, which we call it Orphan's Christmas in Western society.

It'd be quite a lonesomeness for them to have the holiday alone.

Therefore, Rowan call it ideal tour package for them, not to be 'Orphan!' during Christmas.

And don't forget! that the free gift of the splendid snow scene of Pyongyang will be given as well.

평양의 설경. ⓒSputnik

The Snowy Scene of Pyongyang. ⓒSputnik

Now Let's take a look at the package in detail.

The tour begins in the morning of Christmas Eve, 24th December from Dandong in China by train to North Korea.

By arrival in Pyongyang at 5 pm, You'll go for a walk in the Kim Il Sung square and have Pyongyang City tour.

And when it is an adorable evening for a couple to spend with, we drink and sing along in a Karaoke.

By the next day morning, our tourists are busy with another delight.

It is a day of Christmas time, 25th December and the tour begins from a walk around the flowery park with a fountain at Mansudae and shows a mosaic of the previous leader Kim Jung Il.

If wanted, one can offer a flower bouquet at €2(2 euro) for a small one, and €4 for a huge.

And for the next, the tour will lead people to Grand People's Study House and 170m-height Ju-Che tower, which costs them €5 for the visit to the apex of the tower.

주체탑. ⓒ러시스카야 가제타(Российская газета)

Ju-Che Tower. ⓒRossiskaya Gazeta(Российская газета)

The following course is a bookstore selling books in foreign languages besides English and a souvenir shop and finally stops at Kim Il Sung Square.

The lunch will be provided in a main restaurant of KITC(Korea International Travel Company) and one can enjoy Pyongyang Raengmyon(cold noodle) or Bibimbap.

Or you can choose the both!

The following course will take the tourists to the Pyongyang Metro 'boarding' experience, and the Triumphal Arch, the Museum of the day of the Victory of the Great Fatherland and the Monument for the foundation of Korean Workers Party.

And finally, the cold beers are finally welcoming you at Kyonghung Beer Store.

노동당 창건 기념비. ⓒ러시스카야 가제타(Российская газета)

Monument for the foundation of Korean Workers Party. ⓒRossiskaya Gazeta(Российская газета)

This beer store is where locals enjoy the beer with their ration tickets and tourists(including you!) will have Christmas here with them.

As the night shuts in, the tourists visit Taedonggang Diplomatic Club, where the amenities such as karaoke, billiards hall and table tennis rooms are available.

Here, you will have a special Christmas Night with the foreigners living in Pyongyang.

And by the time the journey concludes, you will have short shopping before taking a train heading toward Dandong in the morning.

So, how does all this cost for this 3 days journey?

It is €445 with all the additional services included such as meals, accommodations, transfer fee, guide, and all sort of entrance fees, which is the lowest price for ever!

Unfortunately, however, for those possessed with USA passport should take airplane to enter North Korea personally.

It is not allowed for them to take a train from China to North Korea.

How does it sound like anyway, with all this special journey for your Christmas?

Are you up for this special journey now?

Original Article: Mun Gyeong-Hwan  NKtoday21@gmail.com  ⓒNKToday
Support: guest reporter Gwak Min-Uk
Translation: guest reporter Jang Jae-Hee



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