Pyongyang From The Sky Above – The Zip-ling Experience Tour

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There are no particular restrictions for foreigners to travel North Korea except for those from South Korea.

The tour touches off the boom.

Travel Agencies specialized in North Korea tour and those seeking for their own tour packages in North Korea are the very evidences for the current phenomenon, which also contains North Korea's distinctive travel course.

So here, 'NK today' would like introduce the package tours to you and travel vicariously with you. (Unfortunately we are the very 'ones' who are not allowed to travel the country)

The first package to be introduced is "Zip Lining Experience tour in Pyong Yang" set up since last November.

Pyongyang, which is a planned city, has a very special view from above, the item to be based on its special view.

This package offers 300-meter-height-zip-lining experience for 40 to 50 minutes around Pyongyang flying at an airliner for 40 passengers, a helicopter for 10 passengers, and a light aircraft for 2 to 4 passengers.

고공체험에 사용하는 최신 경비행기. 아람 판 씨에 따르면 북한에서 자체 생산하며 '아기비행기'라 부른다고 한다. ⓒDPRK360

A light aircraft of the newest for zip-lining experience. According to Aram Pan, it is produced through North Korea's own technology and called as 'baby plane'. ⓒDPRK360

The main route for the package starts from Pyongyang Sunan International Airport through Taedong-River, Youth Street village for Physical Training, Dooru Island, Future Scientists Street, Juche Tower, Kim Il Sung square, the monument for the foundation of workers' party of Korea, 1st of May Stadium, and Mirim horsebacking club and finally back to the airport.

Take a deep breath since we are now only moving onto the beginning!

The North Korea's airline, Korea Airline, offers a meal at a restaurant in Pyongyang Sunan International Airport and also a taxi fare for shuttle drive from the center of the city.

Many of the foreign tourists enjoy the tour during weekends while the local people prefer to use during weekdays.

This package is especially popular for the newly weds for their honeymoon tour.

Although some people disparage the tour pointing out the risk and saying the planes are deteriorated, as one of a passenger of the tour, a photographer Aram Pan stressed out that Korea Tour which boasts not even a history of any plane crash or clash accident is surely to be a safe airline.

Now, Let's move onto the another 2016 New-Year zip-lining package tour by Young Pioneer Tours.

This package contains 5 days of travel set up from 29th in December to January 2nd in the upcoming 2016.

The entrance path is divided into by airplane or by train which leaves at 5:25 pm from Beijing via Dandong in the morning and Shineuju and finally arrives at Pyongyang at 5 pm in the next day.

It is like 24 hour view trip through China to North Korea.

It is second day of 30th that the regular tour starts which offers the visit to Korea Museum and a look to Demilitarized Zone(DMZ) then later to Gongmin Royal Tomb, Sariwon-si, and Arch of Reunification.

Here, with additional fees, you can enjoy savory foods of tradition that are dog meat soup or Korean traditional Chicken soup at €5 for lunch and Taedonggang (a national recommended beer) at €1.5 for a drink.

At the last day of 31st in 2015, Party is held at Taedonggang Diplomatic Club with foreigners living in North Korea after the visit to Museum for the Day of the Victory in the Great Fatherland Liberation War, Revolutionary Martyrs' monument and Kumsusan Palace of Sun.

조국해방전쟁승리기념관에 전시된 헬리콥터. ⓒDPRK360

A helicopter exhibited at Museum of the Day of the Victory the Fatherland Liberation War. ⓒDPRK360

There at the Museum, you can also have the opportunity to observe the very Pueblo, which is the last and only American warship detained in foreign country.

By the midnight, there displays firework at Kim Il Sung Square, which is famous for the harmony with the music play for the New Year Ceremony.

김일성광장에서 새해맞이 불꽃놀이를 구경하는 모습. ⓒ우리투어스

People enjoying the Firework display for New year. ⓒUri Tours

김일성광장에서 새해맞이 불꽃놀이를 구경하는 모습. ⓒ우리투어스

People enjoying the Firework display for New year. ⓒUri Tours

And finally, you can enjoy the zip-lining experience at the first day of the new year, January 1st in 2016 with a helicopter named 'Mil'.

The Mil mi-17 (A helicopter) takes off from Pyongyang Sunan Airport the sky of the city!

고공체험에 사용하는 밀 Mi-17 헬기. ⓒDPRK360

The 'Mil' mi-17 helicopter for zip-lining. ⓒDPRK360

Young Pioneers Tours promotes its package for the open view of the city center, 1st of May Stadium that is the biggest one worldwide and 105 floor-height Ryukyung Hotel not to mention the opportunities for taking photos.

This experience is additional offer at €175 each.

고공체험을 하며 평양 상공에서 찍은 시가지 사진. 멀리 우뚝 솟은 삼각형 모양의 류경호텔이 보인다. ⓒDPRK360

A panoramic view for the city from zip-lining tour. You can find aeriel view of Ryugyong Hotel with its triangular shape from above. ⓒDPRK360

At the end of the tour, Mansu Public Park, Chulima Statue, Grand People's Study House, Triumphal Arch and Pyongyang Bowling Ally are waiting for you to come, and caution not to forget the Pyongyang metro ride.

And for the next day, Only the final departure for your own country awaits.

So, how was everything we have introduced by far?

Are you now 'In' for this 5 days of tour at total price for €895 except for the additional courses?

Seems like you are 'liking' it with its unconventional offers for the zip-lining tour that is now mostly banned around the world because of suspected terrorist attack.

Imagine yourself taking photos above the sky!

Original Article: Mun Gyeong-Hwan  ⓒNKToday
Support: guest reporter Gwak Min-Uk
Translation: guest reporter Jang Jae-Hee



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