A Flash Mail From A Daughter Of Mrs. Kim Ryeon-Hee

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Thanks for a help from a photographer, Mrs. Kim Ryeon-Hee, a North Korean defector who insists on the repatriation to her homeland, had a chance to see her daughter through a video.

On November 2015, A Singapore photographer Aram Pan has visited North Korea with the video containing Mrs. Kim’s message and showed it to her daughter, who has taken a video for her mother with her own message in return, which later has opened throughout some web sites.

[Show Video]

This video has been shot near by the Triumphal Arch in Pyeong Yang, by which Mrs. Kim’s daughter Lee Ryeon-Geum has been shown then shed the tears.

In the video, Lee Ryeon Geum worried how her mother could spend the birthday alone (last 21th on November) where there not even a flesh and blood exists.

Also she has deeply expressed sorrow for the separation of the family for the upcoming holidays for a new year.

However, she never forgot to promise to stay strong before her mother’s mind of steel captured by the video and invited expectation that the both soon would be reunited.

Also she reminded her mother to keep healthy for grand parents who always worry and care for their precious daughter.

She also added special thanks to the reporters from CNN, a Korean American Mrs. Shin Eun-Mee, Aram Pan, South Korean compatriots and all the conscientious and progressive people over the world for the sincere compassion for her family’s misfortune feeling it as part of their own one.

왼쪽부터 아람 판, 김정화(가이드 겸 통역), 리련금, 그리고 이번 프로젝트를 후원한 영파이오니어투어스(Young Pioneer Tours)의 로완 비어드(Rowan Beard). ⓒAram Pan

(from left) Aram Pan, Kim Jung-Hwa(a local guide and interpreter), Lee Ryeon-Geum, Rowan Beard from Young Pioneer Tours who has supported this project. ⓒDPRK360

Mrs. Kim Ryeon-Hee, a North Korean defector, had been taken in to come to South Korea by a broker on september 2011 and has claimed the repatriation to her homeland, North Korea.

Her story has been reported in domestic and foreign papers, such as New York Times.

Aram Pan, a Singapore photographer, has visited North Korea various times to take different looks of the country since 2013 and once had an interview with NK Today.

Original Article: Mun Gyeong-Hwan  NKtoday21@gmail.com  ⓒNKToday
Translation: guest reporter Jang Jae-Hee



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