The North Korea's Standpoint Toward The Terrorist Attack In Paris

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Recently, more than 130 have been killed in Paris in the series of terrorist attacks on civil, which shocked the worldwide.

The terrorist group to be charged for the civilian attack is IS, the well-known for its religious fundamentalism. And the reason for their attack is reportedly found to be the air force attack against IS by the part of France, came out in the middle of the fight between Syria and Iraq.

테러 때문에 두 여성이 슬피 울고 있다. ⓒ

Two Women weeping for terror attack ⓒ


The North Korea's Standpoint toward the Terrorist Attack against France

Then what is North Korea's standpoint on the attack?

First, in a radio show in Chosun Broadcast Center at 9pm on 15th (by North Korea's time), they have reported their condolence message titled with 'the civilian casualties by the terrorist attack in France' in an air and described the situation as follows: "There have been tremendous civilian casuality in Paris committed by a series of terrorist attacks."

The broadcast neither did forget to add specifically on the terrorists saying "It has been committed by IS members armed with bombs and auto-guns."

On 17th, the Foreign Minister in North Korea Lee Soo-Yong has translated a message of condolence to the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, which has showed further details on its national standpoint toward the accident.

On the same day, in a News by Daily Korea, the Minister Lee Soo-Yong said "We demonstrate the firm opposition toward any kind of terrorist acts and also hope French people to regain peace and stabilization from the tragic accident, with our sincere condolence toward the accident."

The So-Far Standpoints toward the Terrorist Attacks from the Past

Then what are the so-far standpoints toward the terrorist attacks from the past?

North Korea has taken opposite stance against most of the terrors broken out in this year and translated condolence message toward the nations of victim.

According to the data by Ministry of Unification, North Korea has also transmitted the condolence message 14th on November through its diplomat Lee Min-Sang on another series of terrorist attack indulged in Beirut in Lebanon on 9th November.

Moreover, Yonhap News has also revealed another North Korea's official message for condolence to the King of Kuwait on the suicidal terror attack in one of the Shia mosques through the then chief for Supreme People's Assembly, Kim Young-Nam.

At times, the chief Kim has expressed a deep condolence for the accident broken out in Kuwait as follows: "Our government will firmly stand against any kind of attack or the support for terrorist attacks, which we have adhered to as always firmly declaring its nation's standpoint toward the terrorist attacks."

Following another resource by the Ministry of the Unification, the chief Kim has sent a condolence message on 1st February to the President of Egypt Abdul Fatah al-Sisi on a terror attack committed by the people concerned with IS on 29th January while Lee Soo-Yong also sent the same message as above to French Foreign Minister on the attack against french daily news "Charlie hebdo" on 9th at the same month.

The National Mediation Committee for Anti-money Laundering and Anti-financial Support for Terrorism (a chairman: a deputy prime minister for North Korea cabinet)

Meanwhile, In North Korea there has been established an national mediation committee which is aimed for anti-money laundering and anti-financial support for terrorism.

Another Yonhap news on 3rd February showed that North Korea central bank money czar Kim Cheon-Kyun has introduced the national mediation committee for anti-money laundering and anti-financial support for terrorist attacks as an leading organization to resolve the issues concerned.

The money czar, the Foreign office head assume vice-president positions respectively and the national vice-president for the cabinet a president.

And the departments constitute cabinet, judicial authority, central bank, the departments for banking information, financial and foreign affairs.

This organization has been seized to be established around 2014, the year when North Korea has joint as a member for FATF(Financial Action Task Force for money laundering) which is affiliated with OECD.

FATF has been formed with 34 nations such as USA, UK, China and South Korea so on and with two international organizations as affiliated members. And last year, North Korea has joint APG (Asia-Pacific group on money laundering) that is an organization for Asia-Pacific area affiliated for FATF.

FATF 산하 아시아태평양 지역 기구인 아시아·태평양자금세탁방지기구(APG) 회의 모습. 북한은 여기에 옵서버 회원으로 가입했다. ⓒFAFT

the meeting by the affiliated organization APG for FATF. North Korea has joint the organization as an observer member. ⓒFATF

Upon this admission, North Korea is actively promoting cooperation with FATF.

The Ministry for Unification has showed that North Korea's money czar has sent its commitment letter written upon international standards for anti-money laundering and anti-financial support for terror to FATF.

Furthermore, the czar has reiterated on the letter to abide by the international standards and make further cooperation as well.

The Toing and Froing USA on Its Terrorism List

USA has listed North Korea to terrorism list in 1988, on the charges of the KAL bombing in 1987.

The list has been made upon those nations which have supported international terrorism repeatedly.

Then after 20 years passed, USA has consented to take North Korea to be removed from the list.

However, some in the USA are condemning North Korea to be listed terrorism nation for Sony company hacking, though without indisputable evidences.

Meanwhile, North Korea and USA has announcer 'Joint U.S.-DPRK Statement on International Terrorism' on 6th October in 2000.

Joint U.S.-DPRK Statement on International Terrorism – October 6, 2000

The United States and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea held a series of talks in March, August, and October 2000, at which the two sides expressed their views on the issue of international terrorism.

At the talks, the two sides agreed that international terrorism poses an unacceptable threat to global security and peace, and that terrorism should be opposed in all its forms, including terrorist acts involving chemical, biological, or nuclear devices or materials.

During the talks, the DPRK side affirmed that, as a matter of official policy and as its government has stated previously, it opposes all forms of terrorism against any country or individual. The DPRK noted that it was the responsibility of every UN member state to refrain from organizing, instigating, facilitating, financing, encouraging, or tolerating terrorist activities.

On the basis of their common concerns about the threat of terrorism to international peace and stability, the two sides underscored their commitment to support the international legal regime combating international terrorism and to cooperate with each other in taking effective measures to fight against terrorism. The sides shared the view that such measures included not providing material support or resources, including safehaven, to terrorists and terrorist groups, bringing terrorists to justice, and fighting terrorist acts against the safety of civil aviation and maritime navigation. The two sides joined in encouraging all UN member states to sign and become a party to all twelve UN counterterrorism conventions.

As a demonstration of their cooperation in the fight against international terrorism, the U.S. and DPRK intend to exchange information regarding international terrorism and to resolve outstanding issues in this regard between the two sides. Taking account of the DPRK's opposition to international terrorism, the U.S. side noted that, as the DPRK satisfactorily addresses the requirements of U.S. law, the U.S. will work in cooperation with the DPRK with the aim of removing the DPRK from the list of state sponsoring terrorism.

Original Article: Kim Hye-Min  ⓒNKToday
Translation: guest reporter Jang Jae-Hee



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