[Up-to-date North Korea through video image 24]Foreign children singing songs in Korean

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Following the last 'Image Travel', this time we would like to introduce the images of foreign children who have visited Songdowon International Children's Camp.

[Up-to-date North Korea through video image 22]
Foreign children visiting Songdowon International Children's Camp

[Up-to-date North Korea through video image 23]
Foreign children who have participated in cooking competition at the Camp

[Image travel to North Korea 22]
Songdowon International Children's camp visited by Foreign Children

This year, the welcoming annual party for the 30th anniversaries of Songdowon International camp has been hold, in which many of foreign students and children have participated.

The photos and video images are showed by a Russian participant.

Let us introduce you foreign children's performances who have showed their talent at the Camp.

If you want to have better images, please click 'set-up' and adjust the video quality.

<African children's performance>

African children are dancing along their traditional music.

<Russian Children's Performance>

Russian children are dancing and singing along their musics.

<A Russian child singing a song of North Korea in Korean>

A Russian child is singing a song of North Korea. She is practicing a song to the accompaniment of piano player.

The song is 'Shall I go to Mt. Baekdu' by a North Koran band named 'Moranbong'.

Now a Russian child is having her performance of 'Shall I go to Mt. Baekdu' at the stage.

<Chinese children's performance>

Some Chinese children also give their stage along the Chinese music.

<Bucket dance by a North Korean Child>

Do you know how famous it is the bucket dance of North Korea?

Here, you can take a look at it! Fabulous dancing of a North Korean Child.


Original Article: Kim Hye-Min  NKtoday21@gmail.com  ⓒNKToday
Translation: guest reporter Jang Jae-Hee



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