The Diametrical Results Of The US Sanctions Declared By North Korea

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On this 4th April, North Korean National Defense Committee has issued a statement which exposes the backlashes of the US sanctions, military pressures and the strenuous attempts to subvert the system of the country applied by US.

In this statement, North Korea has accused the "draconic aftermaths" of the sanctions, which are sweeping away nations' livelihood.

Following the statement, it identifies "the tumult" by nuclear war to call out the notorious '6th strategic platforms has stamped every aspects of lives of the people in the country and also criticized it to concentrate on every attempts to destroy its Socialism system, the very destiny and the heart of the nation.

As a result, country concludes that the military and economic pressure heightened to the max.

The 6th strategic platform includes B-52 strategic nuclear bomber, B-2A stealth bomber, North Carolina nuclear powered submarine, John-C Stennis air craft carrier, F-22 Raptor stealth bomber and MPSS, the so-called floating logistics command.

독수리 2016 한미연합훈련(Foal Eagle 2016). 정면에 보이는 항공모함이 존 C. 스테니스호. ⓒAndre T. Richard

Foal Eagle 2016 and John-C. Stennis. ⓒAndre T. Richard

This statement, furthermore, pointed out the three aftermaths of the US hostile policy against North Korea as follows:

First, the hostility incurred has rather turned the country into the unique country to stand firmly on its own feet and its power as well, through its strenuous efforts worldwide.

It is true that the sanctions have been so familiar like 'an air' to the country that the misfortune has turned the country to account, such as the very success of the Kwangmyeongsung satellite 4th launching.

"The sanctions in Korean language is originated from making boards of solid woods and it predicts the dismal future of US, a country digging its own graves" said the country.

The second one asserted that the war-game against North Korea has dragged US to become a target of the nuclear response, which is a likely scenario of the worst crisis.

The country pointed out that the US military power doesn't match up that of North Korea mentioning the Pueblo Incident in 1968.

North Korea has performed various ballistic missiles launching, invasion and defense invasion practice, the mass fire batting practice of long distance artillery units and launching test of ballistic missiles in the atmosphere and declared to have nuclear weapons.

The statement also declared that the attempts to subvert the socialism system had flung the corrupted capitalism system out of the history as a result.

Mentioning the successful case of the US candidate Kshama Sawant, one of the Socialist Alternative in 2013 and the socialist candidate for President, Bernie Sanders who gripped US last year, North Korea stung the irony of US, where the change to socialist society in the nation is in motion as 'a tragicomedy'.

크샤마 사완트 의원(오른쪽). ⓒ

Kshama Sawant(right). ⓒ

This current statement, which identifies the cause of the recent armed protests as US sanctions, can be interpreted as an indication of the government's will to express the uselessness of the US sanctions.


Original Article: Mun Gyeong-Hwan  ⓒNKToday
Translation: guest reporter Jang Jae-Hee