Do China And Russia Sneer On UN Sanctions On North Korea?

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The North Korea's export rate of iron has increased toward China despite of the UN sanctions against North Korea, reported Radio Free Asia(RFA) on 14th March.

A source from North Hamkyeong province estimated that the amount of the iron exported in Musan mine rates around 1ton per day, increasing its export rate recently.

Before, it has encountered the stagnation since the international mineral price had declined.

However, now the piles of smelt iron from North Korea can be seen in Nampyeong of Jilin province where its mil is situated, a source added.

Moreover, It has cast doubts on whether China would join the sanctions by UN since the nation has declared "to stand against any odds that could be caused by the UN sanctions to protect our people from losing jobs and the factories expected suspensions".

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Then why China has turned passively?

Last 23th Feb, the contract of US-South Korea joint working group to deploy THAAD missiles defense assets has been abruptly postponed only an hour before the meeting, on which the media speculated the uncovered deal made between US and China.

It is suspected that China could have agreed to the sanctions and adjured US to suspend the discussion of the deployment of THAAD in return.

Consequently, UN came to pass the bill 2270 to sanction North Korea from international trading such as iron, coal, gold, rare earth resources and titanium, minerals related to the livelihood of the people and Weapons of Mass Destruction(WMD) though some are excluded from the sanction list, things not related to the those purposes above.

However, US has inaugurated US-South Korea joint working group to discuss on the deployment of THAAD missiles a day right after the resolution had been made, which means 'Invalidation of the promise' for China to sanction North Korea since the agreement has been broken.

On the other hand, the recent actions from Russia are quite disquieting as well.

According to a news from Dongailbo on 12th March, Russia has utterly shut down Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights(OHCHR) on its ground.

By the beginning of the year, crashes on the repatriation issue of the North Korean detractors were quite an hot potatoes between Russia government and OHCHR.

And the shutting down of OHCHR seems to be the result of the finalization of the agreement of the repatriation of illegal immigrants or aliens with North Korea on 2nd February.

Marzuki Darusman, a special reporter on North Korea Human Right from UN has refuted the action, which later has been turned down at once by Russia Diplomatic Service.

As a result, some cast doubts on whether UN sanctions or the Human Right Issue on North Korea will be valid on North Korea in this current situation.


Original Article: Kim Jun-Seong  ⓒNKToday
Translation: guest reporter Jang Jae-Hee