What Is USA Stance Toward The Broadcasting Propaganda Against North Korea?

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On 8th January, South Korea government has declared to resume broadcasting propaganda against North Korea in the wake of the nation's hydrogen bomb test.

Consequently, concerns are rising that the relationship between North and South would be in jeopardy as in the last year August.

The broadcasting propaganda against North Korea has begun since 1962 for 42 years and ceased on 15th June in 2004 in line with 6.15 Joint Declaration which promised that "the two nations would never resume any kind of propaganda activities against each other, including installation of vehicles for propaganda."

As a part of psychological warfare, the broadcasting propaganda against North Korea denounces power and the system of North Korea, which ranges over 20km in the territory.

South and North Korea have agreed many times committing to discontinue the broadcasting that form the current agreement.

For example, the second article from 7.4 South and North Joint Statement in 1972 agreed "to drop slanderous attacks against each other" which is also put down on the third article from Inter-Korean Basic Agreement in 1992.

However, the voices started to rise to resume the broadcasting around the government of Lee Myeong-Bak and it was closed to resume.

However they couldn't help but withdraw the renewal decision of the broadcasting in light of the resistances from USA, even after Cheonan fall and the bombardment of Yeonpyeong.

North Korea had strongly warned South Korea that it would fire an aimed shot at that time.

According to a news from Tongil News by photographer Lee Si-Woo on 16th December in 2011, a psychological war violated article 6th of first clause of armistice agreement, over which UN showed concern after 5.24 sanction.

Furthermore, a news from Hangyeorye news on 7th of July in 2010 also said that the then UN-cum-US armed forces commander Walter Sharp, who was a person directly related to military demarcation line, had expressed regret to South Korea chairman of the joint chief for not having consulted with him and the decision for propaganda had been reversed by his opposition stance as a matter of fact.

However on the last 10th in August the propaganda has resumed by DMZ Landmine-explosion-incident.

It was after-11-years-hiatus.

North Korea was on the offensive warning it would fire indiscriminately if South Korea would not have dropped the propaganda.

Fortunately, the high-level contact between South and North has alleviated the situation on 25th in August and stopped the broadcasting propaganda by noon at the day.

지난해 8월 긴급접촉 장면.

the scene from last year's high-level contact on August.

Original Article: Mun Gyeong-Hwan  NKtoday21@gmail.com  ⓒNKToday
Translation: guest reporter Jang Jae-Hee



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